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Eva Pieronova comes from Zilina ( Slovak republic ). Thanks to her grandmother, who led her to singing, she has started to love singing from her early childhood.

When she was five years old, she started to attend the artistic school for piano lessons. Under the supervision of her lecturer Kaja Smrekovska, who found Eva has been very talented in singing, she herself decided she would lead her career steps in this way. Eva graduated absolutorium at the artistic school at both of branches, piano playing as well as singing.

Eva went on studying at Conservatorium in Zilina under the professional supervision of messosopranist Eva Safoncikova.

Her next career steps led to the university on Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica where she was educated under the supervision of Eva Blahova. In the third semester during her university studies, she passed the audience for the State opera in Banska Bystrica for well – prepared coming up  of La Traviatta, where she acted the character of Annina.  She became the youngest  member of opera body.

In 2010, she took part in many courses in Karlove Vary, where an Italian professor Antonio Carangelo noticed her talent and she attracted his attention so much that he offered her studying in Vienna under his own supervision.

Eva has acquired a very difficult  belcanto technicque in only two years time. Her voice proceeded very rapidly and in a short time she sang masterly colorature arias.


In following years she predominantly performed at foreign scenes focusing on concert activities:

■    Concert in Milan, featuring a conductor Daniele Ferrari (2009)

■    Cooperation with famous corepetitor Ariadna Zagrean – Chiba, Vienna (2011-2015)

■    Concert in Castelfranco Veneto, featuring a conductor Marco Titotto (2012-2013)

■    Concert in Zabreh na Morave, featuring a conductor Ivan Parik ( 2014)


Since 2016, she has started cooperation with a pianist Bohus Balko and they both took part in a viewing show of opera talents in Prague.

In June 2017, she also took part in recording for Slovak radio broadcasting- Radio Devin.

Her voice disposes of high pitches, coloratures, but her dark voice colour and technicque enable her to sing more dramatic repertory.